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There’s no time and money for an uncontrolled advertising in the shoes and fashion business: High selected customers are the key to a sustainable return on invest.

Fashion and shoes: About conversionhero

Data depth as mindset

The sales market for fashion and shoes is the most lucrative B2B market in the world. We have been focusing on a size based niche market since 2009, specialized to get highly selected European customer characteristics. We can report customer data according to clothing size, shoe sizes and preferred type of fashion or shoe style. Our records ensure that we can deliver extremely specific customer traffic to our B2B partners via CPC or CPO cooperation, whether as a marketplace or as an exclusive niche partner.

Europe's leading independent size-based B2C

We are proud to be Europe’s leading provider of size-based customer data in the fashion and shoes business. Our specialization in sizes also ensures that we are highly specialized in the exploitation of special segments such as plus sizes. We are therefore the first choice for niche retailers because our customer traffic is highly specialized.

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Our Services

Best Advisors
We understand our customers' problems. We advise to deliver the best possible traffic.
Search For Advice
We advise our clients to evaluate the PR and ROI goals.
Business Planning
We define business goals and create transparent and successful campaigns.

Strategic traffic

High performance ROI via viral media setup

We ensure organic traffic with our own PR campaigns. We also use marketing cooperations with TV stations, newspaper publishers, influencers and affiliate publishers. We are using KI to pre-select a global, viral traffic. We collect specifies valid data and just expand product-related target groups for our partners. Optimizing the ROI for our clientele is our daily motivation.

TV ads
Commercial Broadcast

We air our spots on TV channels to promote our niche websites.

Social Media
Viral Marketing

We publish our videos and postings on all social media channels to promote our niche websites.

Page optimization

We intensively pursue our SEO activities for all our niche websites to generate organic traffic from search engines.

Paid content

We place our advertising for our niche websites on Google, Facebook or Bing in order to reach an appropriate target group.

PR & Press
Media Content

We distribute current content about our niche websites through our press distribution list in order to achieve viral press coverage.

Contest and Gamification

We substantial organize our own competitions, e.g. car or ticket raffles to obtain customer data

What means

Niche based data channeling

Mass media, mass customers, mass products. The wordwide marketing strategy at the period of millennium had a clear message of getting sales increase.

Global B2C players have unshakably captured this segment through market dominance. It’s time over for an uncontrolled advertising: Ads for highly selected target groups – that’s the key to a sustainable return on invest.

  • Perfect customer selection
  • Traffic from reputable sources
  • Only self-sourced campaigns
  • High selective targeting
  • Extremely low wastage
  • Cost-effective ROI

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Frequently Asked

We operate over 100 websites. We collect customer data via newsletter registrations, entries for special offers, gamification, club competitions or sweepstakes. Some of the surveys contain highly detailed customer information. We use this for targeted advertising for our partners. Based on the data protection declaration, all participants have given us their consent to receive advertising.


All datas are highly structured and provided with tags, so that the technical start of a campaign can take place within a few hours. However, the launch of a campaign essentially depends on the goals our clients want to achieve. Should it be a single newsletter campaign with CPC as the billing model or banner advertising on our websites with CPO remuneration? Are 5.000 valid clicks required, 50,000 or 500,000? And in what period? And what age target group and gender and clothing size? These questions need to be evaluated as part of campaign planning; the execution is thus the smallest amount of work. But don’t worry: We advise our customers at every step.


Trust is the basis of cooperation. Transparency of performance is the foundation. All campaigns are tracked independently by several different measurement methods, e.g. Google Analytics or by the measurement techniques of affiliate networks such as AWIN. We thus receive a valid and always reproducible result of the performed service.


There is no free trial within a CPC campaign, but we offer our clients to start a campaign with just 5,000 clicks based on predefined customer records. Within these smallest possible circuit, the financial outlay is extremely low and our clients can get an overview of the scalable spectrum. However, there are no costs for a CPO campaign via an affiliate network, since remuneration only takes place with a sale.


Best Choice For Your Fashion and Shoes Business

Your Selected Niche Market Access

Data acquisition just from own sources
Traffic comes from highly recent datasets
Campaigns are exclusively controlled in-house
Data protection by national law, e.g. DSGVO in Germany or DSG in Switzerland
Data delivery includes a measurable high return
Viral media network ensures rapid spread.
Targeted advice for focused sales optimization
Customer-based playout in currently 16 European countries.
Affiliate experience since 2009 ensures dedicated competence

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